Construction notes

To elaborate on the construction of the modules, the quick notes given here refer to features provided generally throughout all modules.

Anatomical reference

Relevant reference material is provided at the start of each module

Basic physiology

Graphics reduce reliance on words, whilst enabling clinical comprehension


Each module contains guidance on its relevant pathologies, the understanding of which is essential to all consequent assessment and treatment stages.

Guided diagnosis

Guided diagnostic steps prompt an understanding of the logic for each assessment

Assessment procedure

All diagnoses have been anticipated by the author, removing clinical responsibility from the student

Treatment prompts

Treatments include visual aids, together with a treatment plan for relevant 'home exercises'.

Treatment advice

Included in treatments are times of day for exercises, which information can be printed out

Community aim

Wherever possible, steps to inclusion are encouraged within the modules

Support paperwork

This includes exam paperwork, SOAP notes and guides, supervision paperwork, accountability, learning games and more