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With one third of the world (2.5 billion people) having no rehabilitation, we believe that until every community can access qualified physiotherapists, offering a  basic skill set in rehabilitation to any community remains essential. We are therefore developing a teaching curriculum to be delivered by qualified physiotherapists in collaboration with in-country physiotherapy associations.

The curriculum, split into modules, have in-built clinical reasoning, guiding a user through an assessment in picture flow diagrams, to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan. We believe that after the teaching physio has left the location, the community can continue to diagnose and treat patients safely.

The curriculum is written by experienced teaching physios in the field, their students and specialist physiotherapists from each clinical area. It is split into thirty teaching modules.

80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries....

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Due to COVID 19, we have now released the Respiratory module... Please see the result!


"The probability of children never having attended school is doubled if they have disabilities…"
One pair of hands can provide genuine sustainable rehabilitation, please help us pass on these skills!


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PhysioCBR is the winner of the British Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's ADAPT 2013-14 award. ADAPT have funded the start of our COVID 19  Respiratory rehabilitation teaching module

logo_maitsMAITS have kindly sponsored our work recently.

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