Our finances

The specialist senior physiotherapists who are writing, developing, proofing and researching are volunteers. We are non-profit making and all our materials are free of charge.  We rely on donations to develop the modules for the global benefit of millions of people. 

logo_athletes Athletes’ Angels Ltd have committed to providing us 5% of their annual gross profit every year.


We have been awarded the ADAPT (Physiotherapists interested in International Development) award in 2013 to develop our first module and again in 2020 for the respiratory (including COVID-19) teaching module development.

logo_maitsMAITS awarded us a grant for one of our team members (senior physiotherapist) to teach the complete MSK curriculum in a Tibetan settlement. 


logo_foundationscotland We work directly with ‘Foundation Scotland’, Registered Charity No. SC022910 who collect, manage and distribute our funds for us.

To read more on how DevelopingPhysio will increase independence and reduce poverty, please see the facts and stats.


Funding these developmental roles is crucial to the safe and successful delivery of the service,
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as researched by WHO….

Finance and sustainability: While good intentions help to start Community based rehabilitation (CBR) programmes, they are never enough to run and sustain them. Overall, experience shows that government-led programmes or government-supported programmes provide more resources and have a larger reach and better sustainability, compared with civil society programmes. However, programmes led by civil society usually make CBR more appropriate, make it work in difficult situations, and ensure better community participation and sense of ownership. CBR has been the most successful where there is government support and where it is sensitive to local factors, such as culture, finances, human resources and support from stakeholders including local authorities and disabled people’s organisations”.
It is important that all CBR programmes develop stable funding sources. A range of different funding options may be available, including government funding (eg direct financing or grants) donor funding (eg submitting project proposals to national or international donors for funding, in-kind donations or sponsorship), and self-generated income (eg. Selling products, fees and charges for services or microfinance).


At DevelopingPhysio we are passionate about our project’s impact. We focus on training,  supporting and continued research whilst remaining culturally sensitive.  Sustainability and safe empowerment of students, patients and communities are our key priorities.  When we leave, we measure our success on whether we have left behind an informed and skilled community, capable of continuing good rehab practice by themselves.


Thank you too to Penny Broomhead who held a scarf sale, and to Roger Waters who fell but didn’t let his bike accident take over his life, he simply got back on his bike and raised precious funds for DP! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in helping fundraise.

DevelopingPhysio and our beneficiaries are very grateful for any contribution and support that you feel able to offer.  If you are passionate about empowering communities and making the lives of disabled people more manageable, we thank you for making a donation through Foundation Scotland or Just Giving.

thank you to ADAPT for their recent grant which has enabled us to develop the first stage of the amputee module for Ukraine community rehab