The different forms of delivery

The curriculum (for rehab skills) is taught by either an in-country qualified physiotherapist (diploma level up) or a travelling qualified physiotherapist working in collaboration with the in-country physiotherapy association.

The community will have chosen which module they would like to learn and will have selected an appropriate student.

The curriculum can be accessed by the following.

paper versions for communities without either a screen, or device or power

the USB stick is for those with a screen but no internet (or poor internet) connection and ideal for a laptop or desktop

Library Box is for those with a tablet or mobile device but no internet (or poor connectivity). it gives out a WiFi signal and comes with the small black usb stick that holds the curriculum

Online version, for those with a screen, electricity and consistent internet access

App, for those able to download it, which can then be used offline. The prototype for the DP App has been designed by CERN (Geneva)