development steps

shoulder_treat08_m 1 DevelopingPhysio refines the teaching module

teaching_katy 2 Qualified physio travels to your community to teach the skills
teaching_jigme3 Your community chooses module, selects student to learn the skills

4 Feedback is then passed back to DevelopingPhysio for any further refinement


1 DevelopingPhysio refines the teaching module
2 Qualified physio travels to your community to teach the skills

3 Your community chooses module, selects student to learn the skills

On completion of step 3, the student will hopefully sit the exam and, provided this is passed, move directly into active use of the module in the community. Feedback is also given to DevelopingPhysio at this point to check if further refinement is needed

[tr_tabs][ir_item id=”1″ title=”Our team”]temp system left here in case we need to see something…[/ir_item] [ir_item id=”2″ title=”Youdon Lhamo, Director”]”In this world of increasing inequalities, creating enterprises where communities are able to learn skills and techniques to solve their own problems is a treasure to be harnessed. I have no doubt that developing physio will have a positive impact on increasing quality of life for many who will have the opportunity to connect in this health enhancing skill set.”…[/ir_item] [ir_item id=”3″ title=”someone else”]portrait_fiona
..[/ir_item] [ir_item id=”4″ title=”Fiona Lindsay “]portrait_fiona Fiona has worked in the NHS, Tibetan refugee and Burmese migrant settlements, Indian clinics, Georgian social orphanages and on hundreds of wilderness endurance events and expeditions. Fiona was the founder of Matterhorn Medical Ltd, Britain’s top provider of emergency medical support to wilderness endurance events as well as Athletes’ Angels Ltd, supporting wilderness events and expeditions. Fiona has completed an Avalanche search and rescue course in Chamonix and UK risk assessment courses. Fiona’s background includes raising thousands of pounds and awareness for charities through her own expeditions, e.g. the Everest Marathon, ultra-marathons, Polar expeditions and solo bike expeditions through countries such as Pakistan and Cambodia. She has travelled extensively, lived in Asia and is now based in Scotland working on Developing Physio. Fiona is a Champion in Schools for the Winning Scotland Foundation. She has a passion to support those in need and believes that everyone can reach above and beyond their potential.
using_mobile_mKindly note – we use the term ‘youphysio’ to mean the recipient of the teaching.   Since the experience of the youphysios varies greatly, the modules have been written for those with no previous medical knowledge.

‘Teacher’s notes’ are available in the top right hand corner of each page.  These enable the provision of the same teaching globally as well as allow a physio to provide teaching outside their specialist area.


Each module is divided into three sections:

  1. Reference (Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology):  This provides specific background knowledge to understand the module safely.
  2. Assessment and Diagnosis:  The youphysio is led through the assessment by a picture flow diagram.  This removes responsibility for the clinical reasoning from the youphysio, whilst inspiring them to see how it works.  Each assessment arrives at a diagnosis.  Often they will collect more than one diagnoses (eg knee assessment, where the knee is swollen, red and painful = 3 diagnoses).
  3. Treatment:  Each diagnosis is followed by a treatment plan.  It is worth noting that because all sections are colour-coded and kept to a minimalist logic, the entire process remains intuitive, straightforward and, as far as possible, fun!


Print: The ‘print’ pdfs are useful to communities without access to computers (please contact us if you need a printed copy of all modules to date in A4 folder).

Interactive: The ‘interactive’ version enables you to click between all parts of all modules, just like a website, yet without the need for internet connectivity. A memory stick is available to run this on most devices..


We would ask that you kindly provide us with feedback on the modules, whether you have just read them or trialled them abroad.  Forms for this will be provided. Thank you very much!