what we do 2

How does it work?

Teaching design

Teaching is non-linguistic, using picture flow diagrams to guide the student safely through assessment, diagnosis and treatment stages. The curriculum itself is divided into thirty teaching modules and senior physiotherapists from around the world have come together to write them. The result will allow communities without access to rehabilitation to learn skills and treat patients themselves

We try to ensure that all modules katy_teaching
  • are culturally sensitive
  • inspire safe clinical reasoning
  • provide a foundation in anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • guide the student safely through assessment, diagnosis and treatments
  • are simple to learn
  • are simple to teach to others
  • remain effective

Where do we work?

world_disability_iconWe work globally and wherever access to rehabilitation is limited and needed.  Provided the clinic is safe, no community is too remote for us and we provide teaching on request. more detail icon_bubble

When will it happen?

checking legsWe are active! Each trialling module receives immensely useful feedback, which in turn helps us refine the final version, and we hope completion will be in 2018. Specialist physiotherapists are already writing more modules, that we strive to fund!

If you are a professionally qualified physiotherapist, then you are welcome to become involved and help us to address this inspiring challenge!

Rehabilitation remains an essential need to any disabled person in the world. Sustaining and empowering communities to allow them to take full control of their healthcare is a human right. DevelopingPhysio is rooted in this concept and works to ensure rehabilitation can be provided to any community in the world.