Supporting the DevelopingPhysio Project

At DevelopingPhysio we are passionate about our project’s impact on local communities and their agents.

Programmes led by civil society usually make CBR (Community-based rehabilitation) more appropriate, make it work in difficult situations, and ensure better community participation and sense of ownership. CBR has been most successful where there is government support and where it is sensitive to local factors, such as culture, finances, human resources, and support from the stakeholders, including local authorities and disabled organizations” (The World Health Organization).

Working individually, our physios are able to integrate with the deeper layers of local communities, enabling accurate assessment of key priority areas. We focus on training local people, emphasizing their ownership and autonomy. Based on principles of inclusion (rather than any patronising “west-knows-best” approach), DevelopingPhysio remains culturally sensitive at all times, aiming for sustainability and community empowerment. When we leave, we measure our success on whether we have left behind an informed and skilled community, capable of continuing good rehab practice by themselves.


Since any community-led project is independent from one under governmental organisation, financing the former remains challenging. We  constantly strive to establish partnerships with governments, funding organizations and donors. Whilst many enthusiastic professional physiotherapists have voluntarily joined our team to allow our project to proceed, financial support is essential to the success of the whole.

DevelopingPhysio and all its participants and beneficiaries are very grateful for any contribution and support that you feel able to offer! If you are passionate about empowering communities and making the lives of disabled people more manageable, please make a donation through Foundation Scotland or Just Giving.

Thank you very much!

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