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Interested in learning rehab skills?

If you are a clinic, NGO, charity, field hospital, or a student and would like to discuss teaching rehabilitation skills within your community, then please read on.  

You maybe interested to read about which teaching modules are currently available, see an example and then read how we can get them to you. 

All the teaching is provided free of charge by qualified voluntry physios.

If you are happy to fill in the below form, this would help us get a teaching Physio to you. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Request a physio

What is the healthcare situation in your community? Briefly note the number of healthcare centres, doctors, nurses or physiotherapists that you might have, as well as the number of patients that are typically served. In the question below, name the most common conditions you experience (ie strokes, back pain, CP, amputees etc) which names should reflect the modules you require (see modules if unsure what is meant here)
(nb: one or two students is ideal. similarly, for the question below, no medical training is necessary, yet we do need to understand any previous experience the student may have received)
Is the possibility of employment available to the student on completion of their training? Alternatively, if the student is currently in employment, will the training skills gained be possible to put into practice?
(nb: a laptop or desktop device will have usb ports by default, whereas tablets or mobiles will not)
(nb: if internet connection is reliable during teaching hours, please select 'yes', or if students do have alternative access elsewhere then 'occasional' plus 'yes' is useful to know)
(nb: if no in-house printer is easily accessible, or if this printer can only print in black, please indicate this by clicking the 'not easily' option)