August 2016 : Verena Schneeweiss worked here in August with a group of students on the lumbar module and provided considerable feedback (see her points below).

verena_teaching01_mDevelopingPhysio is working on the implementation of the following feedback:

-overall design. In a classroom environment, issues connected to printing them in black ink only (no colour printer being available) meant that red/green pain symbols were rendered invisible.
Resolution: many symbols have been revised accordingly to be readable in black ink only.
-printing economy. Local conditions dictated that, in addition to the lack of colour ink,  several slides had to be printed on each sheet.
Resolution: still in progress. Once trials are complete, a version of all modules will include the additional availability of ‘multi-slide’ material, that has four  slides to the normal (A4) page, plus poster sized sheets with multiple slides
-other suggestions to help the students to understand and memorise the training process, and to apply the teaching material Verena has successfully introduced students’ ‘replay’ of all the assessment techniques and tests to the class.


August 2014 : Eve and Mike Monteiro ran a paediatric course here in  in conjunction with students from a university in Ireland.
They ran a clinic with Disability Project at Nurture Africa and tackled the difficult subject of “Breaking the silence of disability” (with its considerable taboo and stigma). See images from their trip, below.

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